Individual Insurance

Health InsuranceHealth - Shopping for Individual coverage can be challenging. We believe in providing solutions that are affordable and comprehensive. Let us be your consultant in picking the right carrier and policy for you and your family.

Life Insurance Life - Having a Life Insurance policy to protect your loved ones is regarded as sound financial planning. Life Insurance premiums have dropped over the past several years, making it very affordable. We have access to over 250 carriers nationally and a broad array of international carriers. This will ensure our clients will receive the very best rate for the coverage needed.

Disability InsuranceDisability - It’s your ability to earn an income that allows you to provide for your family. However, every day, due to illness or injury, people lose their ability to earn an income for a period of time that can be brief or prolonged. Would the loss of your income impact your families well being? The fact is, one in three Americans will become disabled for three months and one in seven will become disabled for multiple years during the time before retirement. No matter how long you have to work before you retire, the choices you make now to protect your income can impact the plans you have made for the years ahead. Let us help you pick the proper disability coverage today to ensure your financial security can be protected.

Long Term Care InsuranceLong Term Care - When you think of it, the odds of needing nursing home care are a lot higher than losing your house to fire or totaling your car. Yet, we don't think of being without car insurance or homeowners insurance. Why the hang-up over long term care insurance? Well that's not too hard to figure: Who likes to think about old age or nursing homes? By purchasing a Long Term Care policy you will remove the burden on family or friends to ensure you can maintain your independence. Blue Insurance can provide you protection and peace of mind.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Scott Cantin and his crew at Blue Insurance are heads and shoulders above other insurance agents. The personal service, the quick responses to inquiries, and the willingness to tackle the bureaucracy of the insurance world have made our non-profit organization big fans. Scott saved us money and got us on a calendar year cycle to match our fiscal year. He also offered reasonable options for employee health coverage. What more can I say? Scott Cantin and Blue Insurance are tops!"
Director of Finance, Non-profit Organization
"I wanted to say that the team at Blue Insurance is exceptional. They have gone out of their way to ensure that our employees are taken care of. From pharmacy issues to claims problems they have come through for us. They are a pleasure to work with."
President and Owner, Large Cancer Center.
"Thanks to Blue Insurance's evaluation of my existing Life Insurance policy, I saved $65,000 and now have the proper coverage."
Individual Life Insurance Client
"We had been dealing with the same agent for years and thought we were getting good advice until Blue Insurance conducted an in depth analysis. Turns out we had been overpaying for less benefits. By making the switch we saved thousands and are getting exceptional service. Thanks again, Blue"
CEO, Large Hotel